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Join us weekly as Soaps In Depth editors Richard Simms and Charlie Mason talk all things soapy — what’s working, what isn’t, what’s next and “What the hell?!?”

Sep 23, 2019

When we think of soaps, we think of love in the afternoon. But on this week’s episode, Richard and Charlie are discussing more than just romance. They’ll be talking about the complications that arise out of both sex and sexuality, looking specifically at two stories which have recently kicked up a bit of controversy. First up, the General Hospital story which found Kim sleeping with her best friend’s husband. Like Liz, many fans believe Kim took advantage of a man not in his right mind. Then, the conversation turns to The Young & The Restless’ Mariah and Tessa and issues regarding their past, present and future… and why some fans are not happy about a potential storyline twist!