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Join us weekly as Soaps In Depth editors Richard Simms and Charlie Mason talk all things soapy — what’s working, what isn’t, what’s next and “What the hell?!?”

May 20, 2019

Like many THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS viewers, Richard and Charlie — hosts of the Soaps In Depth Podcast — have noticed that Traci has been looking at Cane with a certain twinkle in her eye. This week, the talk turns to something modern soaps don’t do as much as they once did: fantasy fulfillment. From RYAN’S HOPE’s Kim to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Shauna, we’re looking at why it’s so important that soap feature everyday (read: not rich) folks who, like the rest of us, are just doing their best to get by… and maybe dreaming of one day moving into a mansion or catching the eye of someone whom everyone else believes to be out of our reach! Plus, news, preview and more, on this week's jam-packed episode of the Soaps In Depth Podcast!